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0 comments | Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Green Drinkers,

Join us on Thursday, November 15th for November Green Drinks at
Arnold's Bar and Grill. We have two University of Cincinnati students
coming to tell us about two really cool projects. James Ramey is a
senior in Political Science who heads up Sustainable UC, a project to
green the university and establish a sustainable residence hall.
Brendan Weaver is a senior in Urban Planning who this past year
started an urban garden in Over-the-Rhine, complete with organic
veggies and a rainwater collection system.

So, come have a drink with us at Arnold's on November 15th to have
fun, chat with other greenies in the area, and hear more about green
happenings in the Cincinnati area. Hope to see you there!

November Green Drinks
Thursday, November 15
Arnold's Bar and Grill
210 E. 8th St
Cincinnati, OH 45202

P.S. Look for an announcement within the next week about a Green
Drinks holiday party at Park+Vine the first week of December.

Green Drinks Cincinnati

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