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0 comments | Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hey all,

There will be lots to talk about when we have our monthly Green Drinks tomorrow, October 18th. Following news that all new Ohio public schools will be LEED-certified, downtown is on its way to (finally) getting recycling drop offs, and the good news that the Cincinnati streetcar is working its way through council, the conversation should be lively. In addition, we have Jim Coppock, head of the city's Bike/Pedestrian Advisory Committee (Bike/PAC) biking down from City Hall to give us the scoop on the city's efforts to become more bikeable and walkable. So, stop on down and have a tasty Oktoberfest brew (or other drink to your liking) at Arnold's tomorrow night - hope to see you there.

Green Drinks October
Thursday, September 18th
Arnold's Bar and Grill
(either courtyard or upstairs)
210 E. 8th St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Hope to see you there!
-Green Drinks Cincinnati

P.S. Jim wanted to share with everyone how to get ahold of the Cincinnati Bike Route guide published by OKI. You can download it by clicking here.


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