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0 comments | Saturday, May 12, 2007

While Duke Energy customers in Indiana have been able to buy power produced from wind/solar/biomass for a little while now, Ohio customers have not had the chance...until now. DE is soon to pilot a green energy for the Cincinnati area that will last until the end of 2008 (and hopefully they keep it). Customers will soon be able to sign up for a certain amount of their total energy to come from green sources. This starts at 200kWh (the average customer according to the Cincinnati Enquirer uses 850/month) for $5 extra a month, with the option of purchasing blocks of 100kWH extra at $2.50. Even if you buy the minimum amount offered, it is an easy way to make a huge difference for the environment and a help the area to become more energy independent. Let's show Duke Energy that there is a demand for cleaner energy in the Cincinnati area! -via LiveGreenCincinnati


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