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1 comments | Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hey Everybody,

Just wanted to give everyone the low down on the November Green
Drinks. We were trying to hold it at the ZOO on our usual third
Thursday but instead we thought that we'd coordinate it with the
Festival of Lights and hold our meeting the last day of November or in
that first week of December. We're just waiting on the word from the
ZOO. They are getting our speaker, Mark Fisher's availability in

Anyhow, I will be posting an update as soon as I have one. Sorry for
any trouble this causes, but it should be a good event when it
actually goes down. Drinks at the ZOO's new watering hole, a sneak
peak of the festival of lights and a top notch speaker in Mark
Fisher. Hope you all can make it!

Oh, and December's Green Drinks will be at Park + Vine on the third
Thursday as usual. Details to follow here too!


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