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1 comments | Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just want to let everyone know what our summer schedule of events is looking like.

In May, were going to honor Bike Month by talking Cincinnati biking at the Northside tavern and hearing from the likes of Mobo (A local bike co-op, www.mobobicyclecoop.org) and hopefully Greg Harris (the Council member who proposed the Spring Grove Ave. bike corridor).  

Then, in June were heading to Park + Vine for a natural networking event by natural awakenings that is going to be awesome.  Check it out............. 

July's Green Drinks is going to be held at the Cincinnati Zoo.  Soon to be the greenest Zoo in the world with the help of Mark Fischer, the zoo's Senior Director of Facilities & Planning. Mark is going to show us first hand how they are accomplishing this feat.

August is a long way off, but if all goes well we will be taking a cruise down the Ohio with ORSANCO (Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission, www.orsanco.org) and learning about the their organization and maybe even a little the river we all know and love. 

Just quick recap:

May 21st- Northside Tavern
June 18th- Park+Vine
July 16th- Cincinnati Zoo
August 20th- Ohio River??

So, come on out, grab a drink, and chat it up with your fellow greenies.  See you there!


Blogger Go said...

the Hamilton County Fair is hosting a GO GREEN area this year that you guys should get involved with! contact us at gogreenwiththehcfair@gmail.com for more information!
With your help we can set the example for other local fairs, & b the change we want to see in the World!

5:43 PM


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