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0 comments | Thursday, December 28, 2006

From Edwin in London and Margaret in NYC:

Hi folks,

Welcome to the 2006 Green Drinks Roundup

It's been an amazing year, with a record number of new cities joining,making a total of 170 cities around the world! We are really startingto go to a new level of activity, which is a tribute to all the hardwork of the organisers and the enthusiasm of green drinkers everywhere.There is a real hunger to connect and network, as the environmentbecomes ever more complex and interconnected and also continues toshoot up the mainstream political and business agendas.

Just in the last couple of months, let's give a big welcome to (deepbreath): Stevens Point WI, Stellenbosch, Syracuse, Corning, Buffalo,Charlottesville, Kelowna, Berkeley, Rochester, Liverpool, Boulder,Cincinatti, Oakville, Copenhagen, Barrie, Swansea, Bedford, Charleston,Birmingham, MelbournePEN, Derby, NottinghamICCSR, Charlotte, PittsfieldMA, Northampton MA, Sheffield, Dallas Fort Worth, Iowa City, Pueblo CO,Dover DE ... phew, and I've no doubt missed a few there as well ...

Victoria, British Columbia got off to a great start with what I think is a new record for a first event: 133 people, so well done to RogerColwill who has also exhibited eerie synchronicity by creating a GreenDrinks Junior/Youth/Teens idea at the same time as Lynne Forsman ofAnnapolis and since then NYC also has one almost ready to start ...contact Margaret at nyc@greendrinks.org if you want to get involved in this.

Tony Guido in Philadelphia has really re-ignited the Green Drinks there. Read the story of how they decided what best to do at:

Malta always seem to have a blast, it\'s quickly become one of the mostvibrant Green Drinks in the world:http://www.greendrinksmalta.org/gallery/20061104cawfra/

Down in Columbus, Ohio they have had live music -- see the band Delusions of Grandeur perform Riders On The Storm at Green Drinks here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v\u003d8h08RlxSHz8

New York City had an astonishing 800 people to their Christmas drinks,with people queuing round the block to get in ...http://www.flickr.com/search/?q\u003dGreen%20Drinks%20NYC%20Holiday%20Party%202006&w\u003dall

LA also broke their record set in the fall with 82 people in December.They also show good use of a blog format:www.lagreendrinks.org



Edwin Datschefski in England edwin@greendrinks.org +44 1883 650238
Margaret Lydecker in New York nyc@greendrinks.org 1 917 992 5816